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The eyelash extensions industry is booming which means eyelash extension technicians are in high demand. If you are interested in becoming an eyelash extensions technician or want to offer eyelash extensions as a new service contact us today for information on eyelash extensions training courses and certification.

Attention Beauty Salon & Hairdresser Owners!

Why not add eyelash extensions to your service offerings and attract new clients to your business!

Contact Karen at Lash Haven for special rates on Eyelash Extension Training for your staff.

Client Testimonials

” I was trained by Lash Haven and attended their professional 1 day eyelash extension training course. Since my initial training i have added lash extensions to the range of beauty services I provide to clients and i can honestly say that i make more money off eyelash extensions than any other service offered, plus it allows me to attract clients that would not otherwise have walked through my door” – Beauty Business Owner – Sydney Northern Beaches


“Thank you Lash Haven for encouraging me to add a whole new dimension to my beauty therapy business. I am now known as the queen of eyelash extensions on the Gold Coast” – Beauty Business Owner Gold Coast Australia


“It takes just as long to cut my clients hair as it does to apply eyelash extensions, but I make almost twice as much applying eyelash extensions as I do cutting hair, you do the maths!” – Hairdresser Sydney North Shore