Eyelash Extensions

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Call Lash Haven today on 0411 621 881 or 02 8901 4416 to book in for an eyelash extension application by Lash Haven’s leading lash technician, Karen.

At Lash Haven we specialize in dressing your eyes with the best quality products on the market.

Your eyelash extension will be custom designed to suit your personality and lifestyle and accentuate your own lashes with a natural, glamorous or long and dramatic look. Lash Haven eyelash extension glue is of the highest quality, fume free and odorless.

Lash Haven Extension specialists are certified and trained in all aspects of eyelash extension application and eyelash extension removal.

Eyelash Extension Sets

Full set
Glamour Set
Star or Bridal Set

The difference between the sets is not length but amount of lashes and time spent making them individual.  The more lashes applied the more natural it looks as there is no noticeable difference between your own natural lashes and the extensions

Prior to your Appointment

  • Remove all eye makeup and clean your lashes preferably with an oil free make up remover
  • Do not use moisturiser or petroleum based products before application of eyelash extension
  • Do not wear mascara, you will want your therapist spending the time applying lashes not removing mascara
  • Do not curl the lashes as this may hinder the eyelash extension application process
  • Remove contact lenses. If you are wearing your contacts to the appointment bring you contact case to store them in during the procedure
  • Bring you own favorite music, we will play it for you or bring it on IPOD
  • Set aside ample time for your appointment at Lash Haven so you don’t feel rushed, many clients fall asleep as it is so relaxing, you may be pleasantly surprised

Eyelash Extension Removal or Eyelash Extension Repair

This is not written to make you choose a therapist out of fear but to give you a healthy understanding of the problems associated with poorly applied eyelash extensions.

At Lash Haven we specialise in repairing poorly applied lashes.

Do your research and choose a therapist with professional training and experience. Your therapist should be trained in all aspects of safety and correct application. Some places are cheaper but their technicians have had very little training or no training at all.

Regardless of the cost and the time spent having them applied you don’t want to walk out with:

  • Glue clumps
  • Eyelashes going in the wrong direction
  • Eyelashes that were too long or short because you didn’t get a say in the length
  • Eyelashes that are one size all the way across the eye, no incrementation
  • Eyelashes applied too close to the eye causing irritation from the rubbing of the extension
  • Infection from cross contamination and poor sanitization techniques”I have seen and repaired all of these and more” Says Karen Founder of Lash Haven

We fix poorly applied lashes regularly so don’t let this happen to you.  Take a look at our gallery to see our work!