Application Menu and Price List

For clients unsure of the look they would like to have prior to application please book today for a free consultation to choose the style and type of lash you would like applied.

Lash Sets

Individual Eyelash Extensions Sets

Step into the world of glamour with permanent extensions for every day wear or special occasions

Doe Eyed set 30 mins $60Lash types included in the price: Synthetic, silk, mink Perfect for an ultra-natural look Lashes application is focused on the outer edge and naturally incremented to the inside eye
Demi Set 45 mins $75Great as an introductory set. Lash application is light and natural all the way across the eye having a spaced and incremented look
Full Set 60 Mins $100Great for everyday wear A full set of lash of your choice with a lash place on every second lash
Glamour Set 90 Mins $150Perfect for special occasions This set is one of our most popular sets and will give you full and has volumising affect giving any set you choose a real wow factor
2m – 6 HD Volume Set 2 Hours $200This set is perfect for special events, A- listers and performers. This is great for the bride who wants a natural but volumising look or for the performer that needs to be seen from afar.
Bridal Trial $60This includes application and consultation on the length, thickness, curl and type of material of lash you would like applied for that special day. Take your time to decide without feeling rushed. We guarantee to make you look beautiful

Specialty Lashes

Glitter Lashes - Add $10For party and special occasion wear, great for Christmas and your favourite sporting event. Colours come in Red, Blue, Green and Silver
Swarovski crystals - Add $15Choose from pink, red, light green. Emerald, Light blue, Navy blue, Gold and Silver
Coloured Lashes – Add $10You can mix and match red, blue, green, orange, port wine, pink, light brown, dark brown and yellow

Aftercare Products

Max 2 coating - $45This is a silicon based coating that protects the glue from oil, moisturiser and humidity elongating the life of the lash. If it saves you one infill it pays for itself
Max 2 Mascara - $29This mascara is made by the same manufacturer that makes the glue and does not affect the glue. It is used to coat lower lashes and towards the end of the life of your lash to hold them in place
Max 2 Lash Growth Tonic - $65This tonic has specially formulated nutrients that nourishes the follicle and stimulates the growth of the lash
Oil Free Make Up Remover - $19Oil Free Make Up Remover, gentle on the eyes

Volume Lashes

$190 - $250New volume HD
$100Y Lash – 2 strands per one lash
$100W Lash – 3 strands per one lash
$35.00Party Lashes/ Flares Great for a one day event. Can be applied using a permanent or semi- permanent glue


Infills are charged by increment of time to make it more convenient for you to comeback when you feel you need to

$2515 minutes
$5030 minutes
$7545 minutes

Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting

$15Eyebrow Balancing and styling
$15Eyelash Tint
$10Eyebrow Tint
$15Lash Removal, Our lashes
$25-$55Lash Removal other lashes including growth tonic application

Eyelash Extension Removal or Eyelash Extension Repair

This is not written to make you choose a therapist out of fear but to give you a healthy understanding of the problems associated with poorly applied eyelash extensions.

At Lash Haven we specialize in repairing poorly applied lashes.

Do your research and choose a therapist with professional training and experience. Your therapist should be trained in all aspects of safety and correct application. Some places may be cheaper but their technicians have had very little training or no training at all.

Regardless of the cost and the time spent having them applied you don’t want to walk out with:
Issues associated with poor application include:
• Glue clumps
• Eyelashes going in the wrong direction
• Eyelashes that were too long or short because you didn’t get a say in the length
• Eyelashes that are one size all the way across the eye, no incrementation
• Eyelashes applied too close to the eye causing irritation from the rubbing of the extension
• Infection from cross contamination and poor sanitization techniques

“I have seen and repaired all of these and more. We fix poorly applied lashes regularly so don’t let this happen to you.”

Says Karen Founder of Lash Haven

At Lash Haven we provide all beauty therapy services

Lash Haven Price List
All of our Institute facial treatments involve:
Skin Analysis
Deep cleansing to emulsify impurities
Luxurious massage of the face and decolletage
Tailored treatment mask to suit your individual skin
Complimentary kinesiology assessment
Eye and forehead vibrational relaxer or muscle toner

Facial Treatment Price List

Treatment & CostDetails
Express Facial 30 mins $45 Great for a quick pick me up
Eye Treatment - 30 mins $15 - $30Designed specifically to combat the ageing of the eye contour, smooths fine lines and re-hydrates the delicate eye contour tissues
Rejuvenating Spa Facial - 50 mins $70Deep cleansing, detoxifying and nourishing
Ampoule Therapy Facial - 60 mins $80Treatment designed specifically for your skins individual needs with the use of intensive ampoules that will bring instant life and hydration. Collagen & elastin, fragile capillary, re-firming, dry, oily, sensitive, rehydrating, normal, combination
Flash Beaute - 60 mins $90Anti-oxidant facial boosting the skins collagen with vitamin C, leaving your skin looking radiant, smoother and re-hydrated
Oxygenation - 60 mins $80Pure oxygen sprayed directly onto the skin with vitamins and antioxidants. Breathes life into sluggish, stressed, smokers impure skin
Sebum Regulation - 60 mins $80This treatment is powerful clarifying treatment to cleanse a broad range of congested skin
Ultimate Hydration - 90 mins $110This ultra hydrating, luxurious and relaxing salon treatment incorporates oriental, acupressure and classical facial massage techniques and includes oxygen
Ultimate Refirming - 90 mins $110Lift defence offers a double action age defying treatment to promote skins regeneration and strengthening of the skins tissues
Pure Collagen Sheet with Oxygen 60 mins $95This facial helps to strengthen repair, firm and tone the skin
Non surgical face lift 60 mins $80This facial leaves the skin feeling toned, rejuvenated and youthful using a unique micro current application
Alphahydroxy Acid AHA Peel and Treatment 30 mins $45 This treatment encourages cellular renewal and clarifies the skin

Body Treatments

Item Details & Cost
HydrotherapyColonic Irrigation 60mins $100 Initial Consult $75 For the ultimate hydration and detoxification
Spray TanningGet a professional even Black Magic spray tan for a golden brown summer glow After care products available for sale 2 Hour rapid Tan 20mins $35 Premium 8 hour tan $30
MassageMassage 1 Hour $80 Remedial massage - Deep tissue Swedish massage - Pure relaxation Chinese massage – Balances blacked and over energy Aromatherapy massage - Pure indulgence of the senses Kinesiology massage - Specific to your healing needs Vibration Therapy massage - Releases and resets Hot volcanic rock massage - Tight tense muscles Body firming massage - Tightening and toning Lymphatic drainage - Detoxification Combination massage - Combination of above
Body Spa TreatmentsFull body exfoliation and fake tan $85 legs $45 Full body exfoliation with detoxifying seaweed and clay masque $90
BleachingLighten dark unwanted hair on arms, legs, stomach or facial hair quickly and effectively POA

Waxing Price List

Details & Price
Full leg $30
1/2 Leg $20
Full Leg and bikini $45
Bikini Line $15
Under Arm $10
Full Arm $25
1/2 Arm $15
Lip $10
Chin $10
Eyebrow $10
Back/chest from $30

Eye Treatments

Natural Fake Lashesfrom $18 Eyelash enhancement for a full and volumising affect, can be applied using a permanent or semi- permanent glue for a one day event
Individual Eyelash Extensions from $60 Lash types included in the price: Synthetic, silk, mink, glitter, crystals, coloured – red, blue, green, orange, port wine, pink, brown, yellow
Doe Eyed set 30 mins $60
Demi Set 45 mins $75
Full Set 60 Mins $100
Glamour Set 90 Mins $150
Bridal/ Star set 2 Hours $200
Eyelash EnhancementsEyelash tint $15 Eye brow styling $15 Eye brow tint $10

Hands & Feet

Hand TreatmentsManicure $35 Deluxe Spa Manicure $45 Paraffin Masque $15 Buff Shape and Polish $25 French Polish $5
Feet TreatmentsPedicure $45 Deluxe spa pedicure $60